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Biker venue at Marbach dam
The Odenwald - Bikers' Paradise!
The Odenwald is an area which is highly frequented by bikers; winding, and with several motorbike clubs.
It is perfectly suited for day- and weekend trips. The routes through Hutzwiese, Krähberg (meanwhile unfortunately closed for motorcycles!) and Zotzenbach will make any biker's heart leap.
Here, we have put together a collection of interesting web pages, on which you find further information on the topic 'Biking in the Odenwald', and where you may choose suitable tours.
First motorcycle tour in spring
Motouren - a treasure trove beautiful Odenwald tours
A comprehensive collection of the most beautiful Odenwald roundtrips between 150 und 200 km a passionate motorcyclist has collected here.
Rest at Marbach Reservoir
Biking in the Odenwald and Franks
This is a highly recommendable web page for ardent bikers. Tour descriptions of the most twisty routes through the Hessian and Frankish Odenwald are available.
Different winding routes are descriptioned with most interesting tourist attractions and possible resting places. With GPS-Data for Tom-Tom and Garmin and Google Maps Data.
Bike in Franconia

© Sportiol WellFit-Studio
SPORTIOL WellFit-Studio
During your visit to Michelstadt, you won't let travel derail your workout routine or are you even planning to go on fitness holidays?
At Sportiol WellFit-Studio, you will always be a welcome guest!
To prevent muscle soreness after exercise and to regenerate the spinal sustainably, the infrared cabins with switchable single beds are recommended.

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The Ponds Site Zöller
© Matthias Bartmann
The Ponds Site Zöller
The trout ponds are located in Finkenbachtal between Hirschhorn and Beerfelden, close to the village of Finkenbach.
It comprises several ponds for fishing trout, brown trout, fingerling, salmon trout, carp, sturgeon and sheatfish. Already the pond site is well established among many anglers from Karlsruhe to Darmstadt and Mannheim to Heilbronn.
Alongside fishing possibilities for all single anglers at the big lake, the facility comprises two lakes, which may be rented by groups or clubs. Additionally, fresh and smoked trout as well as further fish delicacies are offered for sale.
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 Air Sports 
Skydiving Centre Odenwald
The Airport, located in a district of Miltenberg, Mainbullau, is open to pilots daily, and available for parachutists and tandem jumpers on weekends.
The picturesque airport with its tower and its fixed and illuminated runway lies high above, on a big plateau among meadows and fields. Alongside a meet - and - greet program, tandem jumps and licensing, the centre offers skydiving shows and company events.
The skydiving centre has offices, a bistro, two conference / instruction rooms and up - to - date instructional equipment at its disposal.
The parachutes are packed open - air or under canopies. For fellow travellers, walks in an absolute peaceful region offer themselves.
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© Aero-Club Odenwald, Michelstadt e.V.
The Aero-Club Odenwald e. V.
On the web page of the Aero - Club Odenwald e.V., you may retrieve information on the activities of the club, on pilot training or possibilities of booking sightseeing flights, on how to get a taste of flying yourself as well as general information on engine powered flying, ultra light flying, motor kites and a lot more.
As a matter of course, all the important information for 'flying guests' can be found there. You are always welcome!
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Fotos Copyright:
Steffen Molitor, Zell and Jürgen Weber, Michelstadt
Airport Vielbrunn
...offers you the possibility of a gliding flight across the Odenwald at any time.
Experienced pilots will gladly take you along at cost price. You may decide whether you would like to do a gliding flight lift - off on a winch, or in tow of a tugplane. You will be flying in two - seaters, or power gliders.
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Golf in the Odenwald
Undulating grounds, stunning panoramic views, fairways surrounded by an enchantingly beautiful natural diversity, all of this you find on the golf courses of the holiday region Odenwald, one of the most prepossessing low mountain ranges in Germany.
Discover golf courses with various challenges. Short distances between the separate golf clubs, and easy approaches provide best prerequisite.
On the web pages of the internet platform "Golf Course Finder" the golf clubs present themselves with interesting offers and arrangements and are open to further questions at any time.
Golf Course Finder
Odenwald cycling routes
© Odenwald Tourismus GmbH
Biking in the Odenwald
Enjoy leisure time and absolute recreation during a bike tour through the undulating countryside and organic orchards of the Odenwald.
Beside easy trails, there are genuine challenges for trained bikers with gradients of up to 8%. Savour the Odenwald with its extending, natural forests and historic towns characterised by truss work.
The hiking path
An absolute unique route for instance, is offered on a historic, former railroad bed, wich is part of the easier trails.
Information pages:
Informations about  The hiking path   
Official side of the cyclists  Odenwald   
The Odenwald via GPS   
Biking with the Tour Planner   

 Horse riding 
© Jürgen Maul
Horse Riding and Covered Wagon Rides in Breuberg
The Odenwald lends itself to superb rides in fields, farmland and forests.
The Maul family of the small village of Breuberg, 20 kilometres from Michelstadt, offers carriage and covered wagon rides as well as guided rides away from touristy trails.
Combinations of both kinds of 'exploratory tours' are possible as well; the riders scamper through the geological and nature resort Odenwald, while the rest of the group enjoys the voyage in the cosy wagon. Both groups rejoin repeatedly at resting places or places of interest.
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© Uli Schwöbel
Tennis Club Blau Rot Erbach
Within 10 minutes walking distance from the City Hotel Mark Michelstadt, you will find the tennis courts of the tennis club Blau Rot Erbach.
Ten sand courts, a ball wall with basketball equipment, a playground and a club restaurant with roughly 40 seats as well as a sun terrace and sanitary facilities are at your disposal.
Here, too guest players are always welcome.
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© Valentin Rebscher
Tennis Club Michelstadt
The court of the tennis club Michelstadt is situated on the brink of Michelstadt in the idyllic vicinity of the castle gardens Fürstenau.
It is an open, modern tennis club offering a tennis hall with carpets, alongside seven ash courts.
Guest players are welcome at all times.
Especially in summer, the spacious sun terrace with a clear view on the courts, invites to sit comfortably in the open air.
On the Homepage of the Tennisclub you will find an answer to (almost) any question.
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 Animal Parks 
A group of fallow deers
© 4028mdk09 - Wikimedia
The mountain animal zoo Erlenbach

The thematic Mountain Animal Park Erlenbach is located only 30 kilometres from Michelstadt; one of the most beautiful facilities in Germany. Nestled among a beautiful landscape you will find mountain animals from five continents.
The animals live in spacious open - air facilities, very similar to their natural habitats. Due to this appropriate keeping, pups can be seen almost all year round.
All animals may be fed; especially for the very young visitors this provides a lot entertainment. Special feed is available at the entrance.
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Chapel in the water lily pond
The English Garden at Eulbach
The 400 - acre English Garden, created in 1802 opposite the hunting Castle Eulbach, is a unique mixture between a park, Roman Limes excavations and an exemplary open - air animal enclosure. The romantic hiking trails invite to stroll and discover.
The playground and game reserve are especially interesting for families with children. Bison, as well as red - and black deer can be watched and - with the necessary caution - even fed. Animal feed can be bought in the park. The park is characterized by a variety of plants. Weymouth pine, Norway maple, Nordmann fir, red cedar, summer - and winter - lime, mountain ash, redwood, tamarack and tulip tree can be found.
Each year in early summer, the so-called Country Fair takes place at the English Garden in Eulbach. This event is a country fair offering anything for gardening and much more - including a varied programme of entertainments.
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Odenwald - a paradies for hikers
General Information
Not only in summer does the Odenwald entice with its mixed forests, sandstone rocks and places of interest, also in winter there are romantic hiking trails; when it snows these are also suitable for skiing. We have put together a collection of interesting web pages, on which you find further information on the topic 'Hiking in the Odenwald', and put together suitable hiking tours.
Official site Odenwald-Tourismus
A treasure trove for any kind of excursion destinations, exciting family activities and a collection of links for culturally or historically valuable sights can be found at the website of the Odenwald Tourism Organisation.
No matter whether you plan to go on day trips or rather several days hiking tours, whether you are keen on carriage tours or whether you are looking for special nature adventures.
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Odenwald Excursion
A lot of information about hiking, sights and attractions:
The sea of rocks at Lautertal
©Wikimedia - Kuebi
The Felsenmeer (Stone Sea)
The well-known 'Felsenmeer' reminds of a boulder field of gigantic dimensions.
Originated during the Carboniferous' vulcan time it consists of enormous boulders, which were lifted from to the surface throughout millions of years and after that resolved into the typical round forms by means of the crystal structures to be found specifically in this stone.
If you are interested, you may find a lot of information on the 'Felsenmeer' here:
Felsenmeer Information Center More Info ...
Events in Felsenmeer Felsenmeerdrachen
Events of the Community Foundation Lautertal Bürgerstiftung Lautertal
© Fotos: Marieta Hiller
The Felsenmeerdrachen (Stone Sea Dragons)
With the motto of "I won't tell you anything boring about stones but what these stones have seen and lived", the "Felsenmeerdrachen" or Stone Sea Dragons offer exciting and funny thematic tours and treasure hunts in the Felsenmeer. Besides, here you can celebrate children's birthday parties or book a night-time visit.
Thus, children and adults are taught historical facts and legends from our region in a funny and entertaining way.
Giant column
in Felsenmeer at Reichenbach
© Wikimedia - Kuebi
The Geopark - World Heritage
Brochures to download:
Geopark General
Geopath Michelstadt
Geotop Felsenmeer
Cave system Erbach
Trail Winery
There are many interesting hiking trails in the Geopark
Hiking in Geopark
The Geopark unites a charming landscape, stretching across an area of 3500 square kilometres, between the UNESCO world heritage 'Grube Messel' (Messel excavation site) in the North, the Rhine Valley in the West, the Odenwald, the Main Valley in the East and the Neckar Valley in the South.
The Geopark, in close co - operation with the natural preserve Bergstraße - Odenwald and its member parishes, has created various possibilities of rediscovering the landscape since 2000.
Discover the fascination of geological history, landscaping processes and their meaning for our culture and our daily life.
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Overview entrance gates
Eberstädter Cave System
© Odenwald Tourismus GmbH
Guided walks in Geo-Nature Park
The Michelstädter UNESCO - Geopark - Pfad at Michelstadt broaches the topic of how the local cultural landscape has changed over the centuries. The Geo-Naturepark Path at Steinbach, in turn, demonstrates and explains, among others, the local iron production, sandstone quarries and mines, where iron ore, sand, clay and limestone had been quarried.
For this purpose, this path leads the visitor past a nature reserve with riverside forest and pond, orchards and a very special peer tree and tells about the historical water supply on-site.
The UNESCO offers a comprehensive event program for their expeditions, during a special tour, guided by the Geopark rangers or one of their many regional partners.
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A stream in the Geo-Natural Park
© Henning Pabst
Geotours by proreg
(Project management for the Region)
The mute witnesses to the regional geology and cultural history often slumber in the forest, degenerated into ruins. During the Geotours offered by Proreg, their mysterious traces will be explained and you will be accompanied on an exiting time travel.
The landscapes in the UNESCO - Geopark Bergstraße - Odenwald form the centre points of your expeditions.
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Nordik Walking im Odenwald
© goodluz
The web page Regioausflug
A highly recommendable web page for interested hikers is 'Regioausflug.de'. It helps to plan your hiking routes very conveniently from the Cityhotel Mark Michelstadt.
When planning a circular route, simply entering Michelstadt as your point of start and arrival, will give you different hiking suggestions with varying gradients and possible resting places.
Gps data and satellite images are at your disposal under 'Details' as well.
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